Altre azioni per photoshop

In un post precedente avevo proposto 35 azioni per photoshop e avevo indicato come eseguire tali procedure.

Qui ne propongo altri anche se alcune simili ai precedenti.

Turning Turnip: Soften skin effect -Produces a natural ‘clean’ appearance whilst retaining important skin textures.

– 9 more Free Photoshop Actions from Turning Turnip

PanosFX: B & Big picture – A 3-D collage effect

PanosFX: Discrete – Make your images visually more appealing.

PanosFX: Spiral Bind – Make the creation of a spiral binding effect a very easy task

PanosFX: 3D – Out of Bounds Action

PanosFX: Stamp v.2 – A highly customizable stamp action

PanosFX: The Big Picture – Make an image look as a collage made up of 25 individual photographs that are layed down in a ’slightly untidy manner’.

– 32 more Free Photoshop Actions from PanosFX

Color Actions 2 – deviantART

Finesse FX: Old Parchment action

Shutter Freaks: Crystal Ball Action

Shutter Freaks: Hayes Island Variant

Additional resources:

Addicted to Design – Night Vision Effect, Polaroid 600 Instant Film, Lomo, Infrared and 1 Pixel Border effects

Atncentral – Comic Effect Action, Editorial Lomo, Kent’s LensBlur and more

Elated ActionKits – ActionKit 1-5

Mayhem Studios – Red Eye Removal, Productions Action, Sharpen Action and Center Guides Action


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