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Tutorials per creare giochi in flash

Gennaio 26th, 2009 by Giovanni Caputo

Flash RPG by SeiferTim…rogramming.htm

• Game Fundamentals in Flash by Rex…read.php?t=415

• Outside of Society

• Tile Based Games by TONYPA

• Marz’s Game Programming…threadid=36325

• Marz’s Artificial Intelligence…threadid=16649

• Flashkit Tutorials

• Game Tutorials…&orderby=dateD

• Artifact Interactive (Beginner, Flash 5)…resources.html

• Building games in flash (Beginner, Flash MX)…sh/index.shtml

• Tsugumo’s Pixel Artist Tutorials
(alternative link:

• Macromedia Flash Mx 2004 Game Programming…55125?v=glance

• Macromedia Flash MX Game Design Demystified…55125?v=glance

• Flash Games Studio…55125?v=glance

Forums (almost as good as Kirupa)
• Flashkit Games (their list)….php?forumid=5

• Were-Here Games

• gotoAndPlay() Forums (their list)

General Game Development
• Game Dev

• Flip Code

• Gamasutra

• Win95GPE Graphics Development…/graphics.html


• Infinitum Design Blog

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